Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright
Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright
Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright

Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright

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When two creative minds come together and create magic, you know that the end result will be something special.

Outnumbered is a simple "blind" puzzle solve that will leave your audience amazed!!

Rubik's Cube magic, magic squares, and memory feats are some of the most compelling, believable, and awe-inspiring weapons in the modern magician's arsenal. Outnumbered takes all three of those effects and combines them into one pocket-sized, easy-to-perform miracle!!!

An instantly recognizable number puzzle game is handed to a spectator to mix up. The magician then "memorizes" the position of the numbers and turns the puzzle face down as he attempts to solve it without looking. Despite there being almost 20 trillion different combinations, the magician is able to solve the puzzle.

Outnumbered can be "solved" in three different ways. A regular 1-16 solve, a magic square solve, or a seemingly random solve that has already been predicted.

Outnumbered requires no memory work, no need for complicated algorithms, and no skill to perform. The spectator can even perform the solves themselves!

Outnumbered is a custom-made gimmick that does all the work for you and can be handled by the spectator before and after the solve.

Leave your memory and mathematical skills at the door. THIS IS OUTNUMBERED by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright!!


"Outnumbered was the best thing I saw at Blackpool 2019, and this is a year when there was an abundance of killer new releases. Several years ago I tried to invent this trick myself and drew a complete blank; thankfully Matt did just the opposite - created a commercial and practical trick that will fool anyone. It certainly fooled me!" -Mark Elsdon, Reviewer


"If you buy this, you will use it. Highly recommended." -The Magic Portal, Reviewer

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"They have really done a great job in production on this, and supplied extra bonus items so you can create some of your own presentations. This shows they are really thinking about the performer here and encouraging people to create their own routines. I love that they did this, it certainly wasn’t necessary but it does add to the value. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"Outnumbered is a killer gimmick and super crazy effect. I highly, highly, highly recommend this for any lover of the magic square as this will blow minds all over the place. Quick reset, easy to do and with an excellent gimmick. This has streamlined the magic square effect and made it more practical. I love this one (three exclamation points)!!!" -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

The Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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