Brass Buttons is a completely fresh and unique take on coin magic…
specifically the Copper, Silver Brass plot. Created and designed by the late great Mark Southworth and Matthew Wright, this set is both baffling and ingenious in its construction.

Using 3 completely different and random everyday-looking objects you can create vanishes, appearances, transpositions, and much much more.

With over 2 hours of detailed instructions from some of the greatest creative minds in magic such as Eric Jones, Nicholas Lawrence, Roddy McGhie, Craig Petty, Mark Elsdon, Gary Jones, Will Houston, Sean Goodman, Paul Roberts, and Matthew Wright, Brass Buttons is sure to have something for everyone from beginner to advanced and everywhere in between.

Comes with Matthew’s full “Button explosion” routine explanation (regular buttons not included) plus many other routines this project catapults the CSB plot into the stratosphere.

The button is a fraction smaller than a half dollar, and the washer (with imitation rust) and chip are a fraction bigger than a dollar coin.

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We will be producing more stock for the whole world ASAP.