The E-Wallet is every wallet for every occasion. It is the worlds first modular wallet meaning that you can take and take away different elements from the wallet depending on your situation.

A small slim credit card style wallet is our starting point.

This can be used as a peek wallet or a no palm card to wallet that appears inside an envelope. Its small slim design means that it can be used anytime anywhere.

Next we have a larger back pocket or jacket pocket style card to wallet.

The size has been designed specifically to ensure quick and easy loading of a palmed card into a jeans back pocket or the inside pocket of a more formal jacket.

The slim smaller wallet can also be inserted into the larger wallet instantly making this a “Mullica style” loading no palm card to wallet. Combining the two wallets together opens up possibilities for double card effects never before possible.

Finally a peek window can be inserted into the larger wallet. This opens up the use of the wallet even further.

The wallet is available in black or brown and is made from high quality leather.

E-wallet ….what’s included:
The E-wallet is every wallet you’ve ever wanted. A wallet for every occasion and any attire, whether you are wearing tight skinny jeans or a posh tuxedo the wallet fits and works perfectly.
The wallet is designed to be modular so you can switch different parts in and out as and when you need them making this the most versatile magic wallet ever created. A small razor thin business card wallet with a peek/ no palm card to wallet feature is the starting point.

If you want:
…The card inside an envelope…no problem.
…Something a little more substantial to carry in your jeans or jacket pocket then the main palm card to wallet is the perfect size for easy loading and again can be loaded just into the wallet or into an envelope, or paper-clipped to your business card…or even paper-clipped to your business card inside an envelope…inside a closed sealed pocket inside the wallet.
…This larger wallet to have a peek feature simply add in the peek window option and you are ready to go.
…This wallet to also have a Mullica feature simply insert that smaller wallet.
Or….you can have all three! A jeans/breast pocket palmed card to wallet, plus a large peek window plus a smaller Mullica inside! All with the option of having envelopes with paper-clipped business cards inside!!!This allows for some INCREDIBLE new routines. Things that no other wallets have ever been able to do. You can load, steal, peek, switch all in one place.
You now have the ability for multiple card to wallet reveals in the same routines…..and speaking of routines…..This wallet comes with the MOST comprehensive set of instructions ever created for a wallet. 
With routines including: 
1. Anniversar-E-Wallet (anniversary waltz like no other)
2. Card Mont-E (the classic in the hand two card switch with a kicker ending)
3. Card under Wallet (card under box on another level)Multiple card under wallet (4 different cards…2 under the wallet…2 inside 2 separate wallets)
Plus 5 other stunning routines. Also including bonus downloads of the best selling effects from Matthew Wright:
  • Reputation Maker
  • Visions In depth
  • Teaching from Harry Robson of how to make your own envelopes taken directly from the smash hit Project Alpha Mail.
  • PLUS A 90 minute study of performance, timing and psychology as Matthew breaks down some of his performances piece by piece.
  • PLUS Sleight Club- a separate download showing all the sleights and moves you might need for all the routines included so that even a beginner can get to grips with all the routines.
 The smaller wallet has space and slots for business cards, credit cards and folded bills. The main wallet can be used as an every day wallet and has room for bills/notes. The peek section also has room for extra credit cards. E-wallet truly is everything you could hope for in a magic wallet….and so much more.