The Marvelous FX bestseller, the “RSVP Box” has got an upgrade. Now made from solid metal in three finishes – it’s a thing of beauty. The loading and stealing has been made easier to open and the velvet bag is now bigger – and allows for even more possibilities. The Silver Samurai finish is mirrored chrome. Magneto is a gun metal finish and Dark Knight is a black anodised metal finish. After so many people asked about padlocks for the RSVP original we’ve now included the perfect mini padlock for each RSVP hero.

RSVP hero Box is an amazing utility tool that can make any small object appear, vanish, and transform into another item. Here’s an absolute classic of magic reinvented for the modern performer. This sleek-looking metal ring box is extremely simple to use and comes with many routines suitable for walk around, close-up, parlor, and stage, including a variation of Matthew Wright’s FISM award-winning routine.

With routines including cards, rings and money, RSVP Hero Box really is suitable for all occasions. With two hours of detailed instructions, no stone is left unturned. The box comes supplied with a velvet carry bag that allows for some never before possible “in the open” switches. The box is magnetically closing and can be handled by the spectator, who is also able to remove the object from inside the box themselves. No more need for funny switches and moves at the climax of the routine — the item in the box really is the item.

With bonus routines, including a card trick with no cards, RSVP Hero Box is one of the most versatile props around and is a must for both magicians and mentalists alike.

RSVP Hero comes with a padlock.