Swiper takes one of the greatest card tricks ever created and presents it in the most logical and topical way possible. Every month 100 million people actively use Tinder, Grindr and other “swipe left/swipe right” style dating apps. These apps have become part of the fabric of modern society and have not only revolutionized the way people find love… they have also inspired a great piece of magic!

Matthew Wright has created a wonderfully fun and interactive routine inspired by the incredible “Out Of This World” trick. It is engaging, entertaining and most of all completely baffling… PLUS a new kicker ending, where the spectator finds the “perfect match” which elevates Swiper beyond other OOTW style presentations. The new, easy to do, handling means there is no sleight of hand, no counting and most importantly no stopping halfway to change the dealing procedure.

Swiper includes:

  • 26 male and 26 female cards plus 2 “perfect match” cards.
  • Download tutorial detailing Matthew handling and routine.

Swiper is suitable for all skill levels.

Swiper deck includes:

  • 26 male cards 13 match- 13 no match
  • 26 female cards 14 match -12 no match
  • 2 perfect match cards

Please note cards used in trailer and explanation are prototype deck. Actual deck has no border on back.