The Masterpiece by Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright is a professional magician and magic product creator. Winner of 3 FISM awards, owner of his own magic theatre and producer of over 50 marketed magic prodcuts, you can be safe in the knowledge that Matthew has the knowledge, experience and skills to deliver a quality product.

From Matthew….. For the past 20 years I have been on a quest to find the perfect Nest of Boxes for my cabaret show. After many trials and countless prototypes I am finally ready to release The Masterpiece. A fully self contained, single person, stage/cabaret/parlour piece that allows you to have a borrowed object such as a phone, watch, glasses, wallet etc etc vanish and appear inside a gift box sealed inside a clear perspex casket. The performer never touches the gift box and yet the spectators borrowed object is somehow found inside.

This is a project I have poured my life and soul into. It is the reason I spent 3 years at university studying special effects and prop making. I have created many different versions of this effect over the past twenty years and have performed them in my cabaret show firstly and later in my own magic theatre every single night for the past 8 years. I have honed the routine, I have streamlined the handling and I have improved the prop over the years to make it more and more practical to perform with.

I had a vision for the Masterpiece and I decided to help make that vision a reality I would team up with world renowned prop and illusion builder “The Thomas Moore Creative”. What their team has brought to the table in terms of illusion building knowledge is priceless and the input they have had taking and adapting the principles of grand illusion and condensing them down into a cabaret sized prop have taken this effect onto new levels.

The inspiration for the prop came from studying the Tommy Wonder Books Of Wonder and in particular version 3 of his Nest of Boxes. A truly legendary piece of magical history. I have made several versions of Tommys original concept as part of my Prop-making and Special Effects Degree I completed as a mature student at University 20 years ago. i used that version (with a borrowed vanished watch) for a few years until I started to struggle to find people wearing watches. Mobile phones had taken over and fewer and fewer people wore watches. I decided to go back to the drawing board and redesign the nest of boxes so that i could incorporate a borrowed mobile phone. Ten years ago I created the “Wonderphone” which I released in a limited number of 5 to the magic community. I used that prop every night in my own magic cabaret theatre for the past 8 years and have had great success with it. It has become a cornerstone of my show and I have refined the act over the years into something I am very proud of. Over the past couple of years however, a problem has arisen. Mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger and I started to struggle to find people with suitable phones that would fit onside the Wonderphone prop. I needed to go back to the drawing board again!

I set myself and The Thomas Moore Creative team some conditions that had to be met. I wanted to destination box to be large enough to accommodate todays larger modern mobile phones. I also wanted it to be able to have other objects appear inside. Objects such as phones, wallets glasses etc. It would also be able to house a prediction.  The inner box needed to be in full view the entire time. It needed to be locked inside a larger clear box. The destination box could not be touched by the performer and needed to be opened by the spectator in full view of the audience. The load needed to be well hidden and motivated. Everything needed to be portable and able to fit inside a single flightcase. It needed to be light enough to carry. It had to have simple, quick and easy set up. We achieved all this and more. What Tom added to the prop was his knowledge of illusion and when he told be his ideas for using illusion base principles to raise the clear box off the floor so you could see underneath the box and then also raise the smaller box in similar fashion I knew we were going to get something very special indeed. After two years going back and forth with Tom and his team and after more than 20 prototypes, we are finally ready to release The Masterpiece.

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