The Masterpiece by Matthew Wright

August 2023 update! Matthew requested some small changes from the engineer to make it even better, and it is currently in the show every night at the Chamber of Secrets. Hopefully an update to the kickstarter date in a few months and we alert all those on the Masterpiece mailing list below when that happens.

May 2023 update! Our Engineer has delivered the latest version to Matthew. He’s currently testing it at the theatre before the Kickstarter launches. 

20 years in the making! This is the latest evolution of Matthew’s impossible mechanical marvel that closes his comedy theatre show. The last iteration of this feat of engineering inspired by Tommy Wonder was made available in very limited numbers, was around a decade ago . This updated version has a new slick design and unlimited potential for what can be achieved with it.  If you saw a sneak peak of it at Blackpool 2023, or have seen Matthew close the first half of the Chamber of Secrets show with it you’ll know what a powerful piece of magic it is.

The Kickstarter should begin later this year. With an estimated introductory launch price of £1,500.

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