Marvelous Mullica Envelopes by Matthew Wright

Marvelous Mullica Envelopes by Matthew Wright

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3 x Reusable Tyvek Card in wallet Envelopes!

Turn your everyday wallet into a no Palm card to wallet with this set of 3 reusable tyvek envelopes.

Custom made for Marvelous FX and feature in a number of our releases like Visions and The Trinity Wallet, utilizing a Mullica style load.

Not only can a selected card be found in an envelope inside your wallet, or pocket; it can also be attached by a paperclip to your business card for the ultimate networking tool.

These brilliant little envelopes are durable, hard wearing and tear-proof. Stick one in your wallet for an incredible impromptu miracle.

Comes with downloadable instructions.
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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 19, 2021