E19 by Mark Elsdon and Matthew Wright

The future of magic is at your fingertips.

Mark Elsdon and Matthew Wright have taken an age old gimmick in magic and brought it right up to date. E-19 is a quick and easy way to stealthily make use of the latest in NFC technology to create miracles with your magic.

Magic on mobile phones are becoming ever more complex and integral in the modern performers’ arsenal of tricks. Whether you are looking to streamline your entry point into your existing magic apps such as Wikitest, Inject 2 or Anyweb 2 etc or want a magical and modern way to hand out your business card or direct people to your website then NFC tags give a simple solution. E-19 brings that technology and puts it at your finger tips.

With almost an hour of tutorials and routine ideas plus a growing online facebook community regularly sharing new ideas E-19 is the perfect way to bring your magic into the modern era and beyond.

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