Ninja Stack by Matthew Wright

The Ninja Stack is a great way to introduce yourself to memorised deck

Memorised decks are one of the most powerful and deceptive tools in
magic with thousands of incredible routines published and readily
available to magicians.Miracles can be performed whether you are a
magician, mentalist, gambler or trickster there are many hidden untouched
gems just waiting to be discovered.
The problem is memorised decks can be tough to learn and can take
months and years to perfect.
The Ninja Stack takes a fresh approach to teaching stack work and is a
great introduction to anyone unfamiliar with memorised decks. The
teaching is fun and interactive and will allow you to get to grips with the
stack and start understanding how to use it within the first few hours.
Learn with deck in hand as you watch the tutorial expertly taught and shot
by Matthew Wright.
This is a deceptive and random looking mnemonic cyclical stack which
means it is one of the easiest to remember but the way it is put together
makes it even easier, giving you the ability to recall not only the order of
each and every card but also their numeric position in the deck.
In the 1hr 45 min download you will learn not only the order of the stack
but also incredible effects such as weighing the cards, dead cutting to any
named card and an incredibly clean ACAAN.
A little brain power is needed at first to understand the deck and its
workings but the pain is taken out of the process with a fun and interactive
teaching style. Once you have the stack locked in its very easy to
remember and recall and will stay with you forever. The ACAAN takes a
little extra maths but nothing too exhausting.
Ninja Stack is a great way to learn your first memorised deck and will
probably be the only one you will ever need. Please note this download will also be bundled with Dead Mans Hand when released later this year – but is available separately here. 


1hr 45 minute long Digital Download video | Link sent within 12 hours (Usually under 1 hour)

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